Content marketing is growing at B2B companies

In 2017, all B2B companies must adopt content marketing. It’s proven, content marketing, like inbound, helps your potential customers navigate their buying process by finding answers to their questions. Very useful, especially if your sales cycles are long!

By creating content, your business greatly increases its chances of positioning itself naturally in search engine results. This is ideal because users tend to trust organic results more than ads. Eh yes! Nearly 18% of Americans use a commercial blocking system. And that will double for the next year.

For all these reasons, we understand why 93% of B2B marketing specialists use content marketing in their strategy. According to a report by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs, 51%of B2B companies are planning to increase their budget for content marketing.

The need for engaging content

You want people to visit your website and stay there? So, create content that commits them to action! Indeed, it is not enough to offer content: it must be relevant, engaging and answer their questions. In its report, CMI mentions that 72% of marketers will continue to focus on creating engaging content in 2016.

To do this, many are starting to use guided content experience platforms. This platform allows businesses to bring together multiple content in one place, creating a compelling interactive content journey.

The secret to creating engaging content is simple: be human, meet the needs of your customers, do not just talk about yourself, and be passionate about what you create. To achieve this goal, you need to know your customers in order to adapt your strategies and your communications so that they feel challenged.

Dynamic Content Optimization

You noticed that news feeds automatically adapted to your interests, your behavior, etc. Then know that soon, it will be the content on websites that will automatically customize to suit your needs and interests. This is called dynamic content optimization. Remember that the more personalized and personalized your content is for each user, the more they will engage and interact with your business.


The arrival of Google’s Penguin algorithm in real time

Companies that believe they are rising to the top of Google’s search results by fraudulent or shady means (automated black-hat links), will be penalized in real time. So, be honest. The game is not worth the candle, believe us!

 The importance of integrated SEO

We cannot do more than SEO. Indeed, a good SEO strategy now fits into a multitude of variables. Social power, the ease of use of the website on multiple platforms, online brand awareness and many other things must be considered.

 Improved positioning thanks to Schema.org

Schema.org allows you to add small “tags” of information on search results. This can include, but is not limited to, an image, a critical note (stars), and hyperlinked elements of the page. Although it is more used in B2C, it is possible to take advantage of it in B2B marketing. Schema.org makes the search results about your business more appealing. Best positioning guaranteed!

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