When traveling, credit and debit cards are often perceived to offer maximum convenience, as holidaymakers can pay for goods and services quickly in the knowledge that their card will be accepted in most destinations. However, most travelers fail to appreciate that using their credit or debit cards abroad can be an expensive option. Not only does people tend to overspend during their trips, losing or having a credit card stolen whilst you are in a foreign country can be a thunderously painful experience.

A sensible alternative, which can prove to be more cost-effective, is a Visa prepaid card. Prepaid cards share a familiar design, appearing to be a little different from a standard credit or debit card, and allowing the cardholder use it as a payment method at most places that accepts traditional cards. Listed below are several important advantages that you should know about  prepaid cards as a payment method for travelers.

Prepaid Cards Helps You Stick to the Budget

Vacations can be really expensive, and without a budget, people would easily overspend. Using prepaid card as your vacation payment method helps to mitigate this problem as the nature of this product doesn’t allow you to overspend. Prepaid cards are not connected to any credit facility; hence it doesn’t provide any type of loans, credits or cash in advance. The good side to this, is that you won’t have the opportunity to spend money that you don’t have. In the case where you don’t have sufficient funds in your card, further transactions will simply be denied until the prepaid card gets reloaded again. If unrestrained spending is a concern, using a Visa prepaid card is an ideal payment method for you, never again will you be shocked at your credit card bill when you get home from your trip.

Constricting the Possible Damage of Lost or Stolen Card

A Visa prepaid card is a safe payment option  that avoids you having to carry large quantities of cash when you’re out and about. Prepaid cards are protected by the PIN and chip security system, giving a prepaid cardholder the same security features as conventional credit and debit card users would have. Unlike credit cards though, Visa prepaid cards are not linked to a line of credit nor a bank account, in the unfortunate case where your card is stolen or lost during your trip, the potential financial damage is limited to what’s loaded on your card and not more. It is also recommended that you should immediately contact your prepaid card provider to report the incident so that your card can get blocked. Some of the best prepaid card providers may even be able to send you a replacement card while you are away.

Prepaid Cards are Globally Accepted

It’s always a good idea to carry a small amount of cash with you on vacation. You may need it for tipping and the occasional cash-only establishments. Rather than having to try to figure out exactly how much cash you need in advance, you can always keep a prepaid Visa card on you. They are widely accepted all around the world, allowing you to use it to withdraw cash at various ATM machines. Visa prepaid cards can also be used for making purchases online and in-store wherever traditional credit and debit cards are accepted, making it a truly efficient and reliable payment method for travelers.

Application is Easy, Direct and Immediate

It is great that you have taken the time to read this article, and now that you have a better understanding of why prepaid Visa card is a must-have travel companion, you should get one before your next trip. Applying for a prepaid card is simple, direct and immediate. Credit checks are not applicable with a prepaid card application which makes the entire process extremely swift, and the only necessary documents needed are your personal identification (national ID, driving license or passport) and a recent proof of address such as a bank statement or utility bill.