Here we look into whether domain name trading is a profitable business, how and where to get domain names and coupons to save in your investment.

The buying and selling of domain names is now as exciting as the lottery to some. This is because there are stories of domain names being bought for less than ten dollars and then being sold off years later for millions of dollars.

Is there still money in domain name trading?

The quick answer to this question is yes. There is still money in domain name trading, but maybe not as much as there has been so far and only if you have the right domain name. One of the most expensive domain name purchase for some years was This name went for $35 million in 2007. The answer as to why anyone would pay such a price for a domain name is that the buyer wanted to keep it off the hands of the competitor and also because, for many organisations, their website is their most important part of their business.

What are the best tips for buying and selling domains?

Learn the business. The best way to successfully venture into a business is to learn as much as possible about it. Even when selling and buying domain names, a learning period is required so that you can avoid expensive mistakes down the road. You can even become part of domain name sale forums to stay updated on what is going on in the industry. And if you are a lucky to know some pros in the industry, don’t hesitate to learn as much as you can from them as well.

Focus on names that offer real value. It is easy to get carried away in a fantasy world where you think that a particular domain name has some value, only to realize that your target market does not hold a similar opinion. So, just because you have found a simple, memorable domain name that seems quite industry specific, it does not mean people in that industry will find it valuable. You need evidence that your target market would find a particular domain name valuable before you decide to invest in it.

Broaden your search. As a general rule, all the good domain names are taken. But that is not a reason to give up, there are plenty of great domains that are about to expire because their owners have no further use for them. These names are auctioned off by many domain name registrars and web hosts. More importantly, these aftermarkets can help you get your hands on highly valuable domain names you can sell off for profit.

The outrageous domain name prices mentioned above are certainly the exceptions in this market, not the rule. In most cases, domain names cost hundreds of dollars or even less. For most part, the golden era of making mega-fortunes from a domain name is gone. But there is still money to be made from this industry, all that is needed is an ability to predict future domain name preferences. coupons. Buying Domain Names for Less is one of the web’s biggest domain name registrars. You can search for available domain names using their search facility. You can pick extensions such as .com, .co .net .asia .biz .mobi .org .us .tv .me and many more.

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