So you’ve read up all there is to read online regarding how a vape pen works, what the different ingredients that go into eliquids are, their individual properties, the ratios in which they are used in vaping, and all the numerous categories and subcategories of flavours available in the market, when it comes to ejuice for your vape pen.

The obvious next step would be to go ahead and purchase your own instrument, and set off on a fulfilling journey of vaping in your free time. But, before you go ahead and become a member of the ever growing cape club, here are a few pointers you might want to keep in mind when you select your ejuice brand.

Today, with the increasing acceptance and usage of vape pens and devices, there are many vendors selling their ejuice flavours, both online and offline. However, each ejuice brand produces flavours with different ratios of Propylene Glycol to Vegetable Glycerine (PG: VG ratio), depending on the segment of customers they are catering to, and their average target market. Likewise, ejuices from different brands contain different levels and concentrations of nicotine, once again, depending on who their main clientele is. Those brands that cater to a majority of experienced smokers and stealth vapers, generally tend to manufacture ejuice with a high PG: VG ratio, not only rendering less smoke, but also a more uncomfortable, dry smoking experience, which may prove quite harsh for the throat of a vape smoker who is just looking to start out.

Such brands also tend to use high amounts of nicotine in their formulations, as a policy, to ensure that their flavours prove to be just as stimulating as an ordinary cigarette, or sometimes much more. However, smoking with high nicotine ejuice is not the safest way to go about the process of vaping, because the higher the levels of nicotine in a flavour, the more addictive it tends to be.

ELiquid Depot manufactures ejuice in a clean, hygienic environment, using the best quality food grade products, and a 20:80 percent PG: VG ratio. All the flavours provided by the brand are in keeping with the standards of the Food Chemical Codex, and the USP. They are completely safe for adults to consume, and are guaranteed to provide a desirable vaping experience with luscious smoke and mild stimulation. ELiquid Depots flavours contain low to average levels of nicotine, which means, they are not very addictive, and are intended to help users of e-cigarettes enjoy the act of vaping fearlessly.

There are other brands out there that provide vaping equipment of a similar quality, but their products, including the flavours, are much more expensive than those provided by ELiquid Depot. In fact, on purchase of products worth more than 30 USD, the shop offers free shipping, too.

Of course, some brands provide ejuice or eliquid at unbelievably cheap rates, but one can never be sure if they are compromising on the quality of their ingredients in order to be competent in the e-cigarette market.

So, it is always advisable to check the credentials of vendors before purchasing ejuice from them.