Gone are the days when people used to see static videos on screens with distorted audio tracks. The emergence of digital signage has made it possible to customize video content with high screen resolutions and image quality, providing the best video format. Modern digital signage products are able to host many tenants on one server, unlike before when they could only manage single or multiple display solutions.

The Digital Signage

Digital signage is a feature that displays multimedia content using technologies like Projection, LED, and LCD. Content displayed could be streaming media, weather data, text, web pages, or digital imagesdigital signage player is simply a media player that features one of the digital signage methodologies. It refers to a small computer that is used to display digital content in public places to provide more information about a selected issue.

Areas of Application of the Digital Signage Player

The media player is used to provide public information such as news, traffic, weather, and travel information. Organizations also use it to display internal information such as news about the cooperation, safety precautions, and corporate messages.

Businesses have greatly benefited from the digital signage. It is used in advertisements and product promotion by displaying product information such as pricing. Public places in the sector of art and entertainment such as museums, zoos, and gallery use digital signage to interpret the forms of art to improve customer experience.

Features of a Reliable Medial Player

The best digital signage should have a Content Management System (CMS) which allows content customization. The organization should be able to project images and information which look exactly as what they visualized. The feature should also be able to play very high-quality videos to entice customers. Blurred images and low-quality screen resolution will drive viewers away.

An automatic content scheduled signage will automatically adjust the information to display in relevance with time or needs of the user. An example is changing from weekday menu to weekend menu in restaurants. This is also facilitated by the CMS which enables you to schedule your content whenever you want to.

Advanced versions of the digital signage also have features such as the capability to interrupt on-screen information so as to display emergency message pop ups. Other media players have a proof to play feature which detects any dangers of playing a certain media by checking its content. Others are able to synchronize information between several media players.

Set Up and Connection

To connect your signage player to your screen, use a cable that is compatible to both the television and media player. If you need to set up the player, just plug in to power and connect it to your television. You can also connect to the internet in case you want to stream content from your website. The media player can be placed on a solid surface or mounted on the television.

Using the digital signage player in persuasive marketing and engaging customers is a great strategy that could result in high conversion rates. In the case of current customers, it provides a pleasing customer experience.