Portable speakers are everywhere these days and it’s, seriously, rather hard to tell one from the other. Rather than hold one speaker above all as the end-all solution to your wireless music needs, let’s instead take a look at the entire device classification and emphasize featuring you want for the best experience. Portable speakers avoid this physical-cable restriction by depending on the same Bluetooth method and speakers that underlies Bluetooth wireless mobile phone earpieces and in-car speakerphone systems.

One of the most popular questions we get requested when conversing to folks about portable speakers is: How do I pick out the best one? The answer is to set your budget, figure out a record of must-have functions and then shop within those restrictions. Regardless of what functions you want from your speaker, it’s crucial that it has a reasonable battery life and good level of audio quality. There’s no point in having a system full of functions if its battery energy drains away quickly. All of your choices fulfill these two requirements, so when you’re choosing from this list you can afford to focus more on functions. Here are some guidelines in knowing the top portable speakers for the urban users.

Why most of the portable speakers use Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a great standard for wireless audio streaming.  It offers low energy consumption suitable for smart phones and the costs are relatively low as well.  Lower energy consumption means that less stress is put on battery energy.  There are a number of different Bluetooth requirements which range from 1.0-4.0 (and certainly more on the way).  The most important advantages of Bluetooth 4.0 are not typically seen in speakers since the flow of data coming from the cell phone is continuous.

How Are They Different from Wi-Fi Speakers?

Bluetooth speakers link straight to their resource (usually a phone or tablet) and need no broker whereas whole-house solutions need Wi-Fi network to link the origin and the gadgets. This also allows whole-house systems to transmit the same songs flow to several and distance speakers, however, a feature incorrect for Bluetooth speakers that have an approximately 30 foot range.

Portable Speakers with simple or no set up at all

There is no significant set up required for these speakers. You don’t need to be officially sound to use this speakers as they are quite simple to plug via Bluetooth and would begin to play songs or video once linked. It is ready for use in just a few seconds. There are smooth, rounded, edgy, and many stylish designs. You will find them in different shades to match your system, decorations, or feelings. Some of these speakers would not even look like speakers but would have the design of any attractive art piece.

The advantages of Bluetooth speakers are numerous and different. They link easily to your smart phone, tab, or other system, so there’s no additional cables, or anything else, that you need to make them work. Most are also fairly convenient, making them simple to take them to the park, the beach, or anywhere else that someone may want to pay attention to songs together.