There can be a number of advertisers fraught on advertising in the internet and may grab onto ineffectual and costly programs. The most popular advertising is the AdWords program used by Google which can be inconvenient to some.

If you are looking for an outstanding solution that can help you effectively advertise with less cost and you feel that the Google AdWords program may not work for you, there are alternatives to Google AdWords. If you are one of these, here are five of the alternatives to Google AdWords a web design agency Manchester would recommend:

  1. ExactSeek Traffic Program

ExactSeek’s Traffic Program is a quarterly subscription service designed to help businesses purchase targeted traffic in units of 3000 visitors for about a penny per visitor. Because of the inherent savings, customers can reap the benefits in terms of lower costs. The program is designed to increase targeted traffic from the US, UK, Canada and Australia, is guaranteed and offers flat-rate, competitive pricing.

  1. Facebook Paid Ads

If your target customers are using social media, Facebook paid ads might be an excellent starting point for your next PPC campaign. Facebook ads allow brands to reach specific segments within their 1 billion user base. After building a Facebook page, companies can target specific audiences and demographics while testing various versions of each ad. Facebook ads are simple, straightforward and effective for small businesses looking to create an advertising edge.

  1. Clicksor

Clicksor offers a competitive edge for advertisers looking for a new way to reach a specific market. Clicksor serves millions of impressions each month with flat rates starting at 5 cents. It offers high conversion levels based upon a combination of retargeting, geo targeting, contextual targeting and time targeting technologies. The platform is able to define and understand content-rich websites and matches them with the target keywords of advertisers.

  1. ExactSeek Featured Listings

ExactSeek’s Featured Listings combines ExactSeek’s standard traffic program – see #1 above – with traditional sidebar ads on niche search engines and directory listings. Offering a flat rate, small businesses can utilize the tool without worrying about constant monitoring, keyword bidding or fraudulent click schemes that demolish conversion rates. Whether an ad receives 10 clicks or 1000 clicks, the cost per click remains the same.

  1. Yahoo! Bing Network

If you still feel most comfortable utilizing an ad service from one of the network giants, the Yahoo! Bing Network is worth considering. Along with featured listings on Yahoo! and Bing, the marketplace includes partner site listings on sites like Amazon and Facebook. The network accounts for nearly 30% of the United States’ online search share. Prices are generally lower per click than AdWords and, while traffic may be lower, the overall quality is regarded as superior. The network offers free trials and allows small businesses to expand their audiences to include individuals who do not search on Google.