Transmitter space: 15-30M

Frequency: 2.4Ghz

Flight Weight: Around 21g (including battery).

Functions: Sideward flight, Camera, Video record 360 degrees rollover, Forward/backward Switch left/right, accelerate, directed lighting.

The FQ777-951C is fitted with a 6 axis gyro which makes it super secure and also includes a 0.3 megapixel 480p camera. Upload the APP in tablet or your smartphone along with your WiFi control is prepared. Images and Video can be viewed in your device. However, the fun does not stop there, This attribute packed 3D wills fly and flips.

Time: Around 35mins

Flying time: Around 6mins

FQ777 has many versions like FQ777-124C, FQ777-951C, FQ777-954, etc on Rcmoment. This new intends at the RC toys to the starters. FQ777-951W is forthcoming that supports one return mode mode and Wifi FPV, you will ask what is the difference between FQ777-951 and FQ777-951W. I inform you the one does not have camera, and it’ll be cheaper. So FQ777-951W is the version that is greater.

In conclusion, FQ777 951W miniature quadcopter’s purchase price will be reduced at $ 35. It’s rewarding to have a try. Stay tuned.

Weight: Around 200g

Mode: Mode two

Flying space: about 50M

This battery’s connections are weak. They are sometimes perplexing to fit before noticing, and I bent the touch of the charcher cable. I needed to get them directly again. The battery connector is used by quadcopters with the polarity that is opposite. The red and black wires are swapped. This could be a fire danger. A camera is replaced by the knob at front. The version using a camera would be your FQ777-951C. Both also the FQ777-951C as well as the FQ777-951 share the Identical shell. When flying in areas, the issue with this is. Folks might come to you and do not like to get filmed when a toy includes a camera, particularly if they’re with kids and ask. If you attempt to explain the knob at the front resembles a camera but it is not a camera. The propellers appear to splinter.

Dimensions: 90x40x30mm

The FQ777-951C is the miniature WiFi FPV drone. This camera is small and light enough to fit everywhere! In actuality, the quadcopter is really modest it fits in the palm of the hand.


Weight of camera: Roughly 3g