SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be defined by actions that aim to optimize websites specifically for search engines. Google, the most iconic search engine, is responsible for sorting the results by relevance. To do this, their algorithm takes into account a large number of parameters.

Prerequisites to become an SEO expert

Freelance web designer design websites and an SEO expert is above all a web enthusiast. He must have a real taste for new technologies. A ruthless and open mind is important to always be aware of developments and constant watch news from search engines (Google in particular), the Internet universe, innovative practices and trends … I

He must constantly have the curiosity and desire to update his knowledge, through readings, sharing experiences between colleagues or knowledge of the world of SEO.

How to become SEO consultant?

Some SEO consultants are self-taught enthusiasts, others have specialized studies. There is no standard profile in this occupation; the courses are atypical and make the richness of this universe.

Have a foundation in Marketing and Communication is an asset. The sector is professionalizing and training is more and more numerous for who wants to get started!

The daily missions of an SEO technical expert

The SEO expert articulates his work around several axes that he manages jointly with a Project Manager, Web Editors and Developers.

These missions include:

  • Define the objectives of the improvement of the website.
  • analyze the structure of the website: tree structure, ergonomics, quality of content, internal meshes, responsiveness, relevance of SEO tags …
  • Study the universe and competition.
  • Develop a coherent SEO strategy, which will achieve the objectives, with the human and financial resources available.

Recall that a good SEO is done over time and consists of repeated SEO actions. On a day-to-day basis, the SEO expert ensures that these implemented actions are effective and well-renewed, and must be able to rectify the situation and adapt its strategy, if necessary.

When do you need a Google SEO consultant?

When one has a website, several issues can arise regarding the positioning of this site in Google.

It is therefore possible to contact a reference who will draw up an inventory of the site and propose priority actions.

It is also possible (and strongly recommended for that matter) to solicit SEO professionals BEFORE to start creating or redesigning a site. To foresee the necessities of the SEO as soon as possible is a saving of time and significant money.

Why use the services of a SEO specialist?

To manage the basics of SEO and position a site in the SERP (the results of Google), a small accompaniment is welcome. However, with good software you can, even without any prior theoretical knowledge, push your site up in Google.

This solution, much less expensive than a service entirely delegated to an agency, can also be accompanied by a personalized follow-up with an SEO expert.

Another advantage: it allows you to build skills and train yourself to the principles of SEO to no longer feel like not understanding anything. With a little pedagogy and adapted training, everyone becomes able to do SEO.

Can we do without an SEO consultant?

Today, it is difficult for a company to do without organic SEO knowledge.

There is too much competition in the market and many sites that want to position themselves at the top, to ignore the rules of SEO.

Without real knowledge in this area, it is not possible to carry out an effective strategy on the Internet and to obtain the expected results.

It is obvious that there is no better solution than to train one of its employees in this discipline. For individuals and SMEs / small businesses, to take care of referencing its site it is the most profitable option.

Can we become a Google expert?

Having good SEO skills becomes more and more essential, whether you have a business site or are involved in marketing a business.

It is possible to train and to use software to realize itself the various benefits that provides an SEO specialist: tracking of positioning of your different keywords, SEO audit, establishment of a strategy, optimization of your pages. These different missions are at your fingertips with software.

Whatever your project (gain more visibility, win new contacts or customers), you can do it yourself, guided by our software and the advice of our experts.