We all familiar with the success of OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3Tin recent times and the company is planning to update the latest smartphones with the latest version of the technology. After the 3 series, the company will come up with OnePlus 5 which will have all the latest features and the updated technology from the past versions. Recently there have been some images which were leaked online with the details about the smartphone and it looks incredible. There is no official statement from the company but this will be their masterstroke as they are planning to cutdown the prices in order to achieve more market shares.

The market is owned by two giants and it will be next to impossible for a fight in terms of technology. This changes the overall strategy of the company as now they are planning to work on the overall pricing of the smartphones. This will be the treat to the customers as now they have the latest technology in their budget. They are planning to deliver a powerful handset at a knock-down price. The image was actually posted to slashleaks where the price of the smartphone is listed at only $499.99 which is far less than the other smartphones in the same category.


There are other details which were shared on the page and it is believed that the smartphone will be of 5.5-inches screen. This with 5.5 inches screen is considered to be the basic OnePlus 5 as it is expected that the company will launch two different variants of the same series which will be similar the way company done it with OnePlus 3T. The phone is powered up by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU running at 2.35 GHz of speed which will be responsible for providing ease will performing multi-tasking. The most talking point in the phone is the RAM as the company is offering blasting 8GB which makes it first of its kind in the category. Internal storage is 64 GB which is quite enough for the regular use but if you want to increase it to some extent, it comes with an option till 1 TB.

The smartphone will run on the latest version of Android 7.1, later which will be updated with the new release by the google. There are some features which kept same in relation to the previous versions of smartphones by the company. It comes with a dual-sim mode which works with the latest Nano-sim format and the primary camera is of 23 megapixels with the support of 16 megapixels for the secondary camera. In recent times, many companies have launched their smartphones with all the latest technology and other features but they lack on one most important feature and that is the backup of the phone. OnePlus as a company took care of that matter and new OnePlus 5 comes with 4,000 mAh battery to provide longevity to the phone. With this backup, it is believed that the smartphone will last for days even with the regular use.


We all wait in queues to first get out hand on the latest smartphone launched by the big names. It will take some time for this company to make a stand in the market but if we look at the features and the price they are offering for the smartphone is remarkable and the reason to trust new brands. These are all the latest and ever wanted features that we need in a smartphone and the company has already proved their worth and with the new venture, sure they add millions to the fans list.