Aircraft warning lights are very key for aviation safety, not just aviation safety alone, but also the safety of the entire public. They help prevent collision related accidents and keep flights as well as building occupants safe.

How Aircraft Warning Lights Work

Aircraft warning lights emit light, which warn pilots of the presence of obstructions on their flight path. This way, pilots are able to steer clear of potentially dangerous obstructions and keep their passengers and crew safe. Possible flight obstructions include tall buildings, telecommunication towers, wind turbines and other structures, which rise high into the sky.

Most aircraft warning lights are usually in the form of LED (light emitting diode). LED lights are very reliable and offer high quality luminance. An ideal aircraft warning light should be highly brilliant so as to offer adequate signal to an approaching aircraft. It should further be capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. It should ideally be made of waterproof materials to ensure it will still function under rainy and related conditions.

Pilots and their assistants can usually see aircraft warning lights from afar. They therefore get to know beforehand that they should avoid flying along particular lines. Pilots are further assisted to spot aircraft warning lights by their colour. The standard colours of flight signaling lights are usually white and red. You are likely to see a telecommunications tower with a white strobe light or one with a red one. White strobe lights usually range from medium to high intensity.
Positioning of flight signaling lights

In regards to their positioning flight warning lights are usually placed at the top of the structure on which they are found. You will find them on top of tall buildings, cranes, towers, wind turbines and elevated water tanks as well as other high-rise structures. The lights are usually placed on the topmost part of a structure to make them more visible to pilots.

About flight lights company Contarnex

Contarnex is a UK company that specialises in aircraft warning lights. It has been delving in this field since 1997 and has grown to become one of the UK’s best aviation lighting companies.

Contarnex differs from the rest in its products and services. It offers high caliber and high quality products, which do a perfect job in ensuring that flights and everyone else are kept safe. Contarnex’s lights are very durable and efficient. They are made with marine compliant materials which ensure that their functionality isn’t affected by rainy or humid weather. They are also high in intensity thereby providing adequate signal to oncoming pilots.

Contarnex lights are designed with your building or structure in mind. They are built to fit a particular structure and to serve the exact function for which they are meant. The experts at the company for example know that towers require high intensity lighting and therefore design only this type of light for towers. You will find the specific light your structure needs at Contarnex. All you need to do is to brief the technicians of your structure’s design and elevation and then they’ll make suitable lights for you.

In addition to high quality products, Contarnex also offer clients useful advice on compliance with aviation regulations. These include compliance with UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) among others.

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