Digital marketing campaigns in 2018 are going to be different in several ways compared to the past year. Search engines have updated their algorithms and consumer web browsing habits are always changing. So, how can a small company or a brand compete in this environment? By hiring a great SEO expert agency, of course. Read below for several tips regarding hiring an SEO agency that suits your brand’s needs the best:

Hire a Local Company

SEO can be a global effort because it’s done entirely digitally. However, there are distinct advantages to hiring a local SEO company. The main reason is not many companies operate worldwide and even when they do, the brands have separate local sites. Take Amazon, for example, a gigantic brand, which has country-specific websites everywhere the online retailer sells. Each of these country sites are optimized for local audiences with local keywords. That’s the main advantage a local SEO company offers. Such agencies know the local target audience. Instead of creating a generic SEO plan, a local SEO expert like can design for your brand a highly targeted, hyper-local campaign.

Look for Companies that Can Optimize the Website Itself

SEO is not just about optimizing the content. Sometimes, the web design should be altered to be SEO-friendly as well. This could vary from something simple as placing the search bar on top of the homepage to making structural changes to boost site loading speed. Therefore, hire an SEO agency with web developers on board who know how to code and make these structural changes. In the highly mobile world, you may have to change your website multiple times to meet up with the demand. The SEO experts should be able to keep up and keep your site running smoothly even with changes.

Collecting Data and Reporting Back is a Must

A good SEO company is a data hound. The company should collect data from all SEO campaigns performed on your brand’s behalf. Then this data must be analysed. The best SEO campaigns are backed by data. Therefore, hire a pro-data SEO company for your brand or small business to reap the most benefits.

Look up Reviews and Ratings

Sometimes it’s the other customers who can offer the best insights into which SEO companies are the best. Therefore, don’t forget to look up reviews and ratings for the company or its products. Read through the online reviews to understand whether the agency you have in mind is actually worth spending money on.

Check What Type of Customer Support is on Offer

Customer support is crucial when it comes to delivering effective SEO campaigns. In this case, the customer is you. Good support from the SEO Company means excellent communication and follow-throughs without delays. The agency should be readily available to fix any tech issues should any arise because of the campaign. Simply put, their team should be easy to communicate with for your company’s team.

Last but not least, avoid long-term contracts. Don’t fall for SEO companies that push long-term contracts on clients. First, you should be able to strike a one time or short-term deal so you can get an idea of how good the company is. Then you can decide whether to hire the company on the long-term or not.