But that is only the beginning of your career path. Computer forensics is a rewarding career. To ensure you will have a good prospect in your job, simply equip yourself with the followings:

1) Enhance your resume by obtaining recognized certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Profession (CISSP) and Certified Computer Examiner (CCE). You should check with your employer which certification is preferred and whether any education sponsorships or grants are available. Also, you should enquire whether any promotion or salary increment will be offered after completion of the certification.

2) Do not think you are better than others just because you have a degree. Be humble and appreciate every opportunity given to learn. You may graduate with a 1st Class or High Distinction, but that doesn’t ensure the success in your career. As study and work is two totally different things, you will need to remind yourself to stay humble and learn from people who have more experiences than you. There is always something to learn from everyone in the company from the receptionist to the directors. From basic communication to managerial skills, you will need to master all these.

3) Besides, you need to continue your professional development by reading related materials and attending related workshops, seminars and courses. Computer forensics is very dependent on information technology (IT). As IT is a fast developing area, you will need to ensure you follow the speed of the development and be equipped with the required skills and knowledge. In short, continuous improvement is essential to assist you in having a good prospect in your job.

4) Last but not least, demonstrate the characteristics of what a computer forensics should possess. If you are still lack of these qualities, it is time to observe people around you especially the experienced groups in this field on how they behave and handle their works. You should always seek for advice when in doubt so that you will be wiser each day.

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