A great many people cannot get on with their day without coffee. A hot, steamy, tasty brew of their favorite blend is the only way the day can get started. Good coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures; it is one of those things that can brighten, however slightly, the prospect of a demanding day; that can soften the most crushing blow of bad news that might be waiting for you at the office. 

The trouble is that your coffee begins to cool the very moment the hot water is poured into the cup containing your beans or as soon as you remove the brewed pot from the kettle. You may not have the kind of schedule that allows you to sit and drink the coffee while it is hot. You may not be in a position to have a long, relaxing breakfast that includes a fresh pot of hot coffee. You may need to drink it on the go, at a time long after it has been made. 

This is unacceptable if you are a true coffee lover. But you have always put up with it because you have had little choice but to do so. It is now possible for you to drink your coffee at the temperature you prefer whenever you want to. Coffee mugs that have been specially designed to retain the heat of freshly made coffee are now available. They allow you to actually set the temperature at which you want to maintain the coffee. This is a remarkable advancement in food and drink preservation technology, but it is only one of the many that have been overseen and developed by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clayton_Alexander.

There are good reasons why coffee lovers like their brew hot. First, there is something invigorating about the feel of a hot drink coursing through your system in the morning or when you have hit a point in the day in which you feel drained of energy. Second, the smell of a hot cup of coffee is a quite pleasant experience. Third, and perhaps most important, with the retention of heat comes the retention of taste. If you want the full, rich, flavorful taste of your coffee, then you must have it while it is hot. 

The heat retaining mug will allow you to take your coffee on the go. You will be able to brew a fresh pot, pour it in your mug, and go to your next meeting across town, carry out the task that must so urgently be completed, or send the long email you have to shoot off before doing anything else. You can do all this without worrying about your coffee getting cold. 

The heat retaining coffee mug is a great invention. It is one that will add just a little more pleasure to your day. It will provide you with a wonderful means of keeping your coffee hot while you busy yourself with other chores. This is just the kind of thing that eases the great burden of a hectic day—if only a little.