Promoting products and services and trying to compete with mega-giants is often a daunting task for SMB owners. But the good news is that Google AdWords has created a way for advertisers to do just the same. The huge brands may have a benefit when it comes to PPC, but they do not hold all the cards. So, even with a small budget, a skilled PPC management company will be able to get you the impressions as well as clicks on Google with the right targeting options using a smart account structure.

The below mentioned are the viewpoints of hundreds of marketing managers and SMBs owners:

The Problem:

Anyone who tells you that Google AdWords is easy or they can guarantee you numbers is actually lying to you. Google AdWords is complicated and unlike few experienced PPC management companies who are mastered in this art already. However, when done right, it can yield you amazing returns.

Not only does AdWords take preparation to master but it takes time as well as affection. Just think of your AdWords account like a new puppy.

Just set it and forget it does not work with your puppy and it does not work with AdWords either. You have to love your account, take care of it, and feed it. It loves the taste of money so if you take the time to nurture your account it will yield you good returns!

Keep it Simple:

There is one misconception when it comes to AdWords, that you need a large account with thousands and thousands of keywords. But the fact is, you don’t. Running a small business is equivalent of wearing multiple hats. You don’t need a huge account in order to be successful. In fact, with that amount of keywords you’ve a greater opportunity to overreach as well as waste money.

So, start small and progressively grow your account. You need to spend the time to nurture the account that is why the smaller you keep it the less time you’ll need to put in!

Tracking the AdWords Progress:

Tracking is one of the most vital things you can do to your account. Setting up Google Analytics with your website for in-depth analysis is highly recommended. Or wise, conversion tracking is a must. It will tell you which Campaigns, Keywords, Ad Groups, Ads, etc. are performing for you while telling you where you’re flushing money down the drain.

Do Not Overpay:

This is another common struggle – trying to be the top Ad on the page. While it is vital to get up to the top, you don’t have to push it, especially if you have a small marketing budget. Never change your budget every day. If you set everything correctly, you’ll not go over budget and you will not have to pause your account. Changing your budget frequently can reduce your account’s performance, as Google will have to recalibrate how they show your ads!

AdWords can be very complicated and often be frustrating, so follow the above-mentioned strategies and hire one of the best social media companies if you’re looking for your brand value. However, once you have got your account to a spot where you can devote a larger budget, then you can then take that opportunity to move ahead in the results. But for now, just start a small targeting and manage your bids as well as budget closely.