Let’s face it, electronics are expensive: sweet, nice looking, extremely useful, possibly as important as your left kidney, and very expensive.  You might have just bought or be preparing to buy your first nice smartphone or computer and wondering what repairs cost.  Or maybe something just broke for the first time and you are scrambling.

We’ve taken some of the guesswork out for you.  Below is a list of average costs for phone and computer repairs.  These are only an averages, ok?  That’s not a price list for your local shop, just an idea.  Prices can vary widely.  But here are a couple main points to consider:

Generally speaking, the newer and fancier your phone, the higher the cost of repair.  Bigger, newer, faster, more expensive phones tend to be harder to fix and have more expensive parts.  By that same token, older phones including early-generation smartphones will usually be cheaper.

Prices will be lower in larger cities and tend to be higher in rural areas.  That’s primarily due to competition.  When there are more shops nearby people tend to shop around and that drives prices down.  There are also tends to be better availability of parts, as opposed to more rural areas, where you may also have expect extra delays just to get the right part ordered.

And now for some numbers…

Table 1: Average Smartphone Repair Costs

Type of Repair Average Cost
Cracked Screen: By far the most common, unfortunately not the cheapest. $100
Water Damage: Phone took a dip?  Tends to be cheaper, though a bowl of dry rice is cheaper still… $55
Broken Bits: Plugs, buttons, and lots of other small things break pretty often. $80
Phone or App Crashes: Beyond hardware, sometimes programs can go awry, too. $80

Table 2: Average Computer Repair Costs

Type of Repair Average Cost
Viruses, Slowness:  When things sort of work but not quite right, including pop-ups, slow wireless connection, and general tune-ups. $100
Crashes, Won’t Start: When your system doesn’t work anymore because it keeps crashing applications, gets stuck loading Windows, or just won’t start at all. $120

Hopefully, that gives you some idea of what to expect and when to try and negotiate prices with your local repair shop.

Author Bio

Ismail Jones is a master web and mobile developer and director of online publicity for Computers Plus Cellphones www.computerspluscellphones.com in Orlando, FL.  He writes about all things web, tech, and programming.  He is a big JavaScript fan and avid programmer.