1. Switzerland: Switzerland offers an annual median pay of above $100,000 to cloud engineer professionals.
  2. Norway: Norway ranks second among the highest paying countries for cloud engineers with an annual median pay offering of over $80,000.
  3. United States of America: The home of Silicon Valley is the third highest paying country for cloud engineering professionals. The United States of America offers over $75,000 as annual median pay to its cloud engineers.
  4. Denmark: Denmark offers over $70,000 to its engineers working in the cloud computing sector as an annual median pay. Denmark also ranks in the first position in the Global Happiness Index and as on rank 4 in the best countries list for work environments.
  5. Israel: Last but definitely not the worst; Israel is ranked as the top 5th country that offers the best annual median pay to its cloud engineers. The pay offered in Israel is also over $70,000 but below the annual median pay offered in Denmark by a very small margin.

AWS solution architect training is a course that almost every IT professional is opting to pursue currently. But the first question that arises after completing the AWS solution architect training is where to find the best country with the highest possible pay for cloud engineers. Today, we are here with a list of countries that pay really high for cloud engineers.

What is AWS solution architect training?

The AWS solution architect training is a training intended for professionals who have experience in distributed app designing and other systems on the Amazon Web Services platform. The following concepts are expected to be learned by an AWS solution architect before opting for the AWS solution architect training exam:

  • Apply the lift and then shift concept on an existing AWS application that is on-premises.
  • Design and deploy a fault tolerant and scalable system that is based on AWS.
  • Egress and ingress all data from and to the AWS.
  • Select the most efficient AWS-based service by analyzing the available data.
  • Identify control mechanisms for cost.
  • Estimate cost of AWS.
  • Best AWS architectural practices.

Eligibility Requirements for AWS solution architect training:

  • More than one year of experience in designing AWS-based distributed systems that is cost efficient, available, scalable, and fault tolerant.
  • Professional grade knowledge in at least one high-level language of programming.
  • Experience in deployment of systems that are hybrid within AWS components and on-premises.
  • The ability to professionally identify and even define the requirements needed for an application that is based on AWS.
  • The ability to offer the best possible practices that can help in the building of a secure and at the same time reliable AWS-based application.

Final Words:

We hope that the above article helped you gain some really important information on what the AWS solution architect training offers you as a professional, what the eligibility requirements for AWS solution architect training are and which countries offer the highest pay for cloud engineers.