TheOneSpy is advanced monitoring solution developed for businesses and families to supervise the activities of workforce and children on their MAC computers. The software enables remote monitoring of the information on the targeted computer. However, it does not provide remote installation. The user is required to download and install the spy solution on the targeted computer after taking on-paper permission from the owner of that device. This article discusses the core features of the monitoring solution, compatibility, price and final views.

Website Monitoring

The businesses can supervise the internet usage of their employers as the monitoring solution allows tracking web surfing activities on the company owned MAC computers. You can detect whether the company internet is being utilized for productive purposes or for personal entertainment. The app accesses the internet browsing history of the targeted mac device and provides statistics showing the date, time and frequency of visiting each website and searching information on certain web browsers.

Website Blocking

The website blocking feature allows the user to block access to the unrequired and distracting websites. The employers can block unnecessary social media and video streaming sites to evade workplace distractions and increase employee motivation and productivity. Parents can block inappropriate and explicit content to prevent exposure to pornography and adult oriented stuff. The websites can be blocked by URL or keyword.

Camera Bug

One of the advanced computer spy software is camera bug. The user can remotely create a bug to turn on the camera of the targeted mac device and see what is being done in the surroundings. The app takes photos of the surroundings and stores on the online account accessible from any device providing the username and password. It helps employer ensure that the employees are not involved in unproductive activities.


Similar to camera bug, the MIC bug enables employers to remotely watch out the workforce. You can distantly turn on the microphone of the monitored MAC computer and listen to the hearable voices and sounds. This helps you combat the workplace gossips and bullying negatively influencing the employee motivation and productivity.

Screen Recording

Do you want to know what your employees are busy doing on their computers? The spy app lets you know what your employees are doing on their PCs in real-time i.e., whether they are busy playing Solitaire on their systems, watching a video clip or working on the assigned project. The app takes screenshots or activates screen recording on your demand to let you see and record what appears on the targeted device’s screen.


The computer monitoring app accesses the keystrokes applied to the monitored mac computer including the keystrokes of emails, passwords and messengers. These keystrokes help the end-user closely watch out what the target is communicating through email and instant messaging services.


The monitoring software allows the end-user to switch on and off the sought after and unwanted features. For instance, if you are not interested in keystroke logging, you can prevent the app from accessing keystrokes applied to the monitored device.

Device Switching

You can switch the operating system or platform of the monitored device using the same spy software. It means if you have purchased the software to monitor a MAC computer running macOS 10.12 but need to switch to a device running macOS 10.11, you do not need to buy a new software solution.


  • Compatible models are MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini
  • Supported macOS versions are 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12


  • One-month subscription for $25
  • Three-month subscription for $50
  • Six-month subscription for $75


There are various surveillance software programs intended for parents and employers to track Mac computers. Of those TheOneSpy is a reliable and secure monitoring solution that is cost-effective.