Most people boast about how tech savvy they are merely because they can operate their computers and do some amazing things on them but can they go ahead of that and build a whole new pc? Well, if you are just the average guy who uses their computer for internet surfing and typing some documents, it is undeniable that most basic computers can satisfy your needs efficiently. However, gamers needs are entirely different, and their experience mainly relies on the prowess of their computers. Pcs are available in the market, and one can get just about any model they want with their desired specs, at a price. With the high pc demands that gamers crave, this may be very costly, and not all of them might be able to pull the financial means to get a powerful rig. Do they just settle for the inferior models? No, they do not have to do that as they can build their machines and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.

There are several pros and cons associated with building your gaming pc. Buying can seem to be the best way due to the advantages it brings, but it is not devoid of a few downfalls.  Luckily, gamers are not entirely limited to buying or building a computer as they could opt to buy a console which may offer a more attractive option depending on one’s needs. In recent years, consoles have become inferior to powerful machines, and it is no surprise to see most high-end gamers opting for the powerful custom-made machines.

A console might seem to be an easy and fast option for gamers since you just have to pop in the disc and start playing. However pcs offer more customization options and ability to get patches and updates that improve the game, some of which are not available at the official game producers website. You might now be seriously thinking about building your gaming pc, and here are some few reasons why you should:


A custom built pc will last for a more extended period than a console and even a newly purchased one. First of all, looking at the consoles, it is a no-brainer that they get outdated once new ones are released. If you bought the PlayStation 4 when it was released a couple of years ago, you might be worried that you have to save and buy the next version when it is released soon. However, with a custom built machine, you can easily upgrade the parts with new and more powerful components once they are released. This gives you the advantage of enjoying your game optimally without having to build another computer. Comparing the longevity with that of the manufactured computers, it is evident that upgrading a factory built computer has some limitations. Computers have a lot of compatibility concerns and upgrading a machine with no understanding of how the components are working is a risk. The computer might start overheating, and the incompatibility could even lead to the break down of the whole system.


If you head to a computer shop today and ask for a gaming computer that has some specific set of specifications with a RAM of say 8 GB, you will be told that it costs a particular amount. If you ask for the same machine with the exact specifications with the only difference being the RAM which in this case is a 16 GB one you will be given a much higher quote than that of buying another 8GB RAM and upgrading the first computer. In summary, manufactured computers come at inflated prices and you can save a lot of money by building your own. The costs of these components are not inflated when you buy them separately, and you might be surprised how cheap they are. Why spend a lot of money on such a machine when you could build your own and use that money to buy more powerful components that will give you the ultimate experience?

Know Your Stuff

Binge gamers cannot imagine spending a day without their computers. However, if you buy a manufactured computer and it breaks down, you have no option but to take it to the manufacturers where it will probably take a few days for it to be processed, repaired and delivered back to you. In some cases, the computer may have to be transported to the headquarters, and this can significantly inconvenience you as a gamer. Building your machine is a much better option as you considerably understand your computer so that when it breaks down, you can quickly fix it. Diagnosing a custom-built computer is simpler and repairing the parts is even easier. You have the advantage of being in charge of the parts you put on your computer and replacing them can be done in a snap. In a nutshell, you are in complete control when you build your computer, and you are the one who dictates your gaming experience.

It Is More Than Just Assembly

Building your gaming pc is not about just putting the altera fpga parts together and gaming. It has some pride in it, and it is an experience that can give you a lot of satisfaction. There is no greater feeling than beating your friends on FIFA on your custom built powerful pc. Most people who decided to make a pc have reported that it extended to more than just consumerism and getting new components to impress people. It is a hobby and craft that allows you to get adventurous and come up with a pc that very few people can imagine about. It may come with some responsibilities since your gaming pc will require some tender care and upkeep for it to continue serving you faithfully, but it is undoubtedly worth the time and effort. With time you get attached to the pc, and you can listen to any sound and immediately know what the problem is, something that is crucial to uninterrupted gaming.

Building your gaming pc is a significant milestone for gamers and if you haven’t thought of it, start planning. It requires some research and prior knowledge of the operation of computers, but if you think of the end game, you will definitely be motivated to start building one for you.